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What does a ‘Home’ Studio look like?

The Covid-19 outbreak and quarantine situation that followed has caused us all to make lifestyle changes. Some of those changes came easy, others did not. Some of those changes will stay with us, and some will not. However, one change I did see with clients that can no longer come to the studio, is that […]


Taking our classes to ZOOM

Stay home with us! Today technology allows us to be in two places at once – really! Connecting by video allows everyone to be seen and heard from their very own space. Staying connected with your pilates practice is important. Having feedback from your teacher and interaction from other participants is essential to keeping going. […]

We’ve gone LIVE!

Trying to keep active during the lock-down period is not easy – especially with pets, kids and spouses around! But if you can squeeze in a mat somewhere and turn on your phone, tablette, or tv – we’re there to keep you going! Our first FBLive class can be found here https://www.facebook.com/studio7pilates.be/videos/198451854756314/ Watch for bi-weekly updates […]


Real Men do Pilates

Did you know? Pilates was developed by a man, originally for men! I’ll let you do your own research on the father of Pilates if you are so interested, but just know this : this is no sissy sport! Thanks to TonePilates in Canada (who did the homework for me), you can see just WHO […]


Pilates for Active Aging

Never been an athlete? Maybe you WERE an athlete..um…20 years ago. Or maybe it’s been more like 40. Age does not define us; our mobility does. Did you know that life expectency can be estimated based on a person’s ability to get up and down from the ground unassisted? Do the test! Sit down and […]

Closing the chain

Mat class does not always give us the opportunity to really feel where we start and end in space. Often our hands or feet are in the air, ungrounded from the earth that confirms our presence. Closed chain exercises are exercises where the hand or foot is fixed on a surface such as the ground, wall, […]

Small apparatus

There are quite ferverent opinions about the use of small apparatus such as rings and balls in the Pilates studio. Many will argue that if Joseph Pilates didn’t do it then neither should we. It’s just not Pilates otherwise. Then there’s me. I belong to the other crowd. I believe in the principles – one […]

Going off balance

One of my favorite ways to work in Pilates is asymetrically. It is often very difficult to judge how strong or weak we are without some sort of benchmark or comparison. However, when I ask clients to compare right and left side strength during an exercice, eyes open wide and mouths drop. Working obliques is […]

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Can a woman begin an exercise program while pregnant even though she has not exercised prior to her pregnancy? Pre-natal exercise is highly recommended for any healthy pregnant woman cleared by her doctor at any point during her pregnancy. The repertoire is not designed for weight loss; it is aimed at increasing core strength and […]