Pilates for Active Aging

Vous n’avez jamais été très sportif? Ou, si, mais il y a, plus de quelleques unes maintenant? Nous sommes pas défini par l’âge; c’est notre capacité de se mobiliser qui nous marque. Faites le test vous même…asseyez-vous par terre et relevez-vous sans l’aide de vos mains ou d’autre formes d’assistance. D’ailleurs, la possibilité de se […]

Reformer Exercices

Mat class does not always give us the opportunity to really feel where we start and end in space. Often our hands or feet are in the air, ungrounded from the earth that confirms our presence. Closed chain exercises are exercises where the hand or foot is fixed on a surface such as the ground, wall, or other small apparatus like a pilates ring or ball. This immobility of the joints creates more load and stimulates more muscles than open chain exercises do. What I appreciate most however, is how these exercises improve the proprioceptive system and teach us to visualize how to engage muscles once the ‘help’ of the closed chain is removed. Personally, had I never worked on the Cadillac or Reformer, I’m not sure I could have ever understood how to keep my shoulders out of my neck in Swan, Roll-up or even the 100. It’s not an easy road to make the connection, but often these ‘Magic’ rings or apparatus help that light bulb go on!