Event Start Date:
April 5, 2020
Event End Date:
November 29, 2020
Event Venue:

Stay home with us!

Today technology allows us to be in two places at once – really! Connecting by video allows everyone to be seen and heard from their very own space.

Staying connected with your pilates practice is important. Having feedback from your teacher and interaction from other participants is essential to keeping going. Today, everyone can stay ‘together’ by joining a virtual class on ZOOM (If you are familar with Skype, it’s just like it but better!)

There will be 2 classes a week through ZOOM :

Tuesday 11h

Thursday 17h30

Class is 14€ and can be deducted from current memberships. Please let us know if you wish to proceed so we can convert the membership to adapt the price accordingly. After that, you can continue to reserve your class on line just as before!

Sign up here : https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=12466066

Don’t worry if all this new technology overwhelms you – I’m here to help. Send me a message and we’ll work through it together!