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Joseph Pilates first developed his system of exercises as a prisoner during the Second World War where he believed, and proved, that with daily exercises focusing on breathing and core strengthing, the body could heal faster and even resist certain sicknesses. After the war, Joseph Pilates emmigrated to America where he founded the first Pilates studio and worked primarily with dancers, but also other performers and athletes, particularly those that had suffered injuries. Although Pilates was intially developed as a method of rehabilitation, today Pilates helps all bodies become stronger and live longer healthier lives.

The methodology is based on 6 simple principles : Breathing, Centering, Control, Concentration, Precison and Flow
and thus safe for all populations.

Who should do Pilates? (aside from the obvious ‘everyone’?)

  • athletes : to improve performance and correct muscle imbalances
  • people with limited mobility : to improve joint mobility, circulation, core functionality, breathing capacity and self-confidence
  • pre/post natal woman : to prepare/repair pelvic floor health and core musculature
  • none of the above? : improve body awareness, move and exercise with muscular efficiency, improve your posture and overall health.