• Spartacus

    Spartacus 2016 : Battle of the Ardennes

    Train on your own or train with us : we are doing this together! Contact us directly to join our group! Check out the event here : Battle of the Ardennes

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  • Open circuit training

    The studio will be open each Sunday morning for open circuit training. Guidance regarding safetly and exercise procedure will be given, but these are un-coached sessions for clients to work independantly. Contact us for more information. Reservation is required. Here are some of the moves …

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  • Studio7 Pilates

    Sandy’s teaching is highly influenced by Feldenkrais and Franklin Methods, Katy Bowman’s Restorative Exercise, Erwan LeCorre’s MovNat as well as yoga teaching in the Desikachar tradition.

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  • The Who/What/When/Where and Why of Pilates

    Who should do Pilates? (aside from the obvious ‘everyone’?) athletes : to improve performance and correct muscle imbalances people with limited mobility : to improve joint mobility, circulation, core functionality, breathing capacity and self-confidence pre/post natal woman : to prepare/repair pelvic floor health and core …

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  • Individual Sessions

    Studio7 Pilates is equiped with a reformer, cadillac, ladder barrel and Exo Chair. Each machine is unique and yet continues to integrate many of the basic exercises as learned on the Mat. Why people choose to work on the equipment or the mat is varied …

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  • Group Mat Classes

    The Mat is a great place to learn and master all of the fundamental Pilates movement techniques. You will learn how to find neutral spine, engage your core, hold a C-curve, stabilize your shoulder and pelvs, articulate your spine, utilize full breathing patterns and much …

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