pilates at hom

The Covid-19 outbreak and quarantine situation that followed has caused us all to make lifestyle changes. Some of those changes came easy, others did not. Some of those changes will stay with us, and some will not. However, one change I did see with clients that can no longer come to the studio, is that they have adapted to carry on their practice at home. Some are watching my videos via FaceBook or YouTube and others have joined in on live Zoom classes. With stores closed, home studios have popped out from nothing – some just put a towel on the floor and balance their smart phone on the table and go for it! But really, what set up would give you the optimal experience?

You should have :

  • at least 1.5x2m space to work.
  • a screen. Smart phones are ok in a pinch, but you really don’t want anything smaller than a tablet. IDEALLY you have a laptop/PC/Mac screen of 15cm or more. Icing on the cake, you would be using that technology to ‘cast’ to your larger screened tv.
  • an internet connection

These 2 things are pretty much necessities. Every thing else is a NICE TO HAVE.

  • a mat – 4-6mm thickness
  • various small equipment your teacher may use : Swiss ball, hand weights, theraband, magic circle.

If you are buying in Belgium, you can find these things at either Decathlon, SportDirect or Sissel. I’ve made a list of my recommendations from Decathlon and SportDirect, as it was easier; Sissel is very high quality but you need to order through an independant retailer such as a local pharmacy or ‘bandagiste’. Their catalogue is on the website.

So here are some of my picks from Decathlon/SportDirect :

If you have any questions, technical or otherwise, don’t hesitate to get in touch; we’re here to help you set things up right!